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May 2012
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Urban Planning Series: Eyes on the Street

By Brian Corcoran with Judy Hall

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Urban Planning Series: Learning to Appreciate the City

It is important for students of urban ministry to know Jane Jacobs’ work because she is an advocate for the city. She helps us have a positive attitude towards the city, our neighborhood and its streets, which is essential if we are involved in urban ministry.

Jacobs writes about having a positive attitude toward a city neighborhood using the example of Boston’s North End, which she says was originally built “to house the flood of immigrants first from Ireland, then from Eastern Europe and finally from Sicily.”

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Urban Planning Series: Learning in the Laboratory of the City

For the next four blogs I’d like to talk about the urban planner, Jane Jacobs. Her ideas greatly influenced how we thought about ministry in the city. Doug and I were first introduced to her classic 1961 work, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, in the mid-sixties when we moved into Boston’s South End. At that time, the South End was considered to be the worst slum in the city and faced the threat of being demolished by urban renewal in order to build new “luxury” housing.

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Experiencing Spiritual Vitality in our Modern Culture

The purpose of Living System Ministry is to see an aligned and empowered faith grow vitally in our modern, technological secondary culture. To my understanding, this has never happened before. All the great world revivals were nurtured in the context of primary or relationally-based culture, which has produced a growing faith in the world since the first century. But now the challenge is for the global revivals to experience spiritual vitality in the burgeoning contemporary secondary culture that is emerging all around them. Living System Ministry can help with this goal.

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